Camelot Unchained nears the finish line for NPC pathfinding and shows off a new texture editor


If you look over our Camelot Unchained tag, you’ll probably see a number of variants to the same story of City State Entertainment’s work on “navmesh” and making sure the NPC AI doesn’t perform any dumb tricks. In this week’s progress report from CSE, it sounds like all of those months of work are about to come to fruition.

The top of the Top Tenish list explains that final testing for NPC pathfinding is underway, with various tests being performed to shake out any additional bugs, whether they’re “stupid-simple typos to glaring logic errors that cause complete rewrites of sections of code.” There’s still some work to be done, but the post promises that full 3-D path planning will be ready to go.

The weekly roundup further elaborates on Linuxification work, updates to some of the tools the devs use, and the discovery of a rather gnarly bug that sets a character’s stability to 0, which means all of that character’s abilities could be interrupted by any attack. A fix should be available, but those who still find this problem in testing should immediately report it.

Fans will also want to pay special attention to the art section for this week, as it shows off a new program that lets the developers procedurally generate textures; it looks like a complex tool, but reportedly making different textures will now take minutes.


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“Camelot Unchained nears the finish line”


“for NPC pathfindind”



I know, right? CU development is like a relay race where one runner passes the baton to the next.

In this case there’s still a few hundred or so runners waiting to take their shot while some continue to circle the track taking multiple laps.

Analogy of the week, right?


Hopefully I can play this before I die.

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