New Overwatch short story details what brought Mercy back into the field

Healing girl.

The original Overwatch still has a bunch of heroes who never got a whole lot of further exploration, such as the almost ubiquitous healer Mercy. What brought her out of quiet retirement and back into Overwatch? Well, the latest short story clarifies that she wan’t exactly in quiet retirement to begin with; being a doctor is never particularly quiet, and she wasn’t doing the “private practice in a metropolitan suburb” version of retirement either.

What she had been retired from was fluttering around in a skintight armor suit with wings, but having Jack Morrison and Ana Amari show up to take on a bigger threat… well, she can’t do nothing. The full story is a pretty quick read, but it should give some context to why Mercy was among the people swooping into action during that Overwatch 2 trailer. You know, in case you thought that this story about why she went back to the eponymous organization would end some other way.

Source: Twitter
Aha, so this was apparently the prelude to a whole thing.

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