Blade and Soul’s Golden Harvest Festival is live


Let’s all go win some plates covered in food and then shove them into our filthy knapsacks so that we can turn them in for rewards! That’s the central gameplay loop of Blade and Soul’s Golden Harvest Festival, as we’ve discussed before. Now you can take part n that yourself! If you’ve been waiting to give people plates of food you were keeping in containers with no organization, the time is now! But there’s more stuff in the patch, too, in case you can’t keep yourself engaged just with plate-based antics.

For example, there’s Hongsil’s Treasure Draw, which offers an assortment of useful rewards via Treasure Coins used as currency (much less odd than using plates of food as currency). You can also take on Koldrak for doubled rewards during the event period. Mushin’s Tower has also been rebalanced for current content, and there are adjustments to equipment to help further with balancing. So there are things to do beyond the Golden Harvest Festival, but none of them give you costumes in exchange for mashed potatoes. So it’s kind of a wash.


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Nah, Nah, Nah, the beauty of this event is that if you make enough food you can get 30 plus Sacred Vials.

What are Sacred Vials? They are a key ingredient for crafting anything of significance and most especially end game gear. And they are pricey. Last time I checked, and it has been some time, they cost 600+ gold apiece.

This event is literally a gold mine!

Time to grind, boys and girls.