Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen offers a look at class resource bars


When is a resource bar more than a resource bar? When it gives you a sneak peek at what a class is capable of. The most recent devstream from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen granted fans a look at UI elements for a few of the MMO’s classes and briefly touched on how they work, thereby giving a small idea on how each class plays.

The devs mentioned that there won’t be a deep dive on how many of these class resources work, but it did at least provide a stylish look at the various bars that need to be filled in combat. Some classes, like the Cleric and Paladin, have two bars of resources to fill, while others like the Direlord and Shaman have one bar to fill. One of the more intriguing previews was related to the Rogue, which builds a resource called Opportunity while they remain in stealth.

The stream ended the resource bar preview on the Warrior and took a much longer time to explain the class resources here. In short, they have Resilience that builds over battle and must be maintained in order to improve their defenses and Battle Points that can be spent on the class’ more dramatic skills.

The stream also provided a detailed look at Pantheon’s new logo, answered a number of fan questions, and thanked the community for its support following the passing of Brad McQuaid.

There’s a bit more information in the classes section of the official site if you want a little more insight into how these resources get accumulated and used, but also make sure to look at the stream itself, which we’ve embedded below.

source: YouTube, thanks to 737384 for the tip!
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