EVE Online attempts a no-downtime experiment and announces structure gameplay changes


EVE Online has been doing things a bit differently this week, and while it’s not “chaos,” it certainly has made life in New Eden pretty different. Right now, the team at CCP Games is hosting a little experiment on its players and its servers by not having a downtime period this week.

In the interest of trying to make Capsuleer life more convenient — especially for those players in Asian regionsEVE has been experimenting with a full 48-hour run of uptime starting from this past Tuesday until this coming Thursday.

CCP Games went into the experiment knowing some things would go wrong with keeping Tranquility online for this long, and judging by the feedback thread, we’d say things certainly have been, with reports of lag, completely drained asteroid belts, local chat issues, and other matters. If things do go too wrong for too long, CCP Games is “fully prepared to have to emergency reboot Tranquility” if need be. The only other solution, according to the dev blog, is to move downtime around, which was described as “the least-worst solution.”

In other EVE Online news, Tuesday, December 10th, will introduce the Kicking Over Castles update, which will make a number of fundamental changes to structure gameplay in order to make fights more common and “Tuesday Alarm Clock ops” rarer, as well as make improvements to combat offensive structure spam and tethering in factional warfare systems. If it works out, it should ultimately make the experience of destroying undefended structures better. You can get all of the salient details in the announcement post.

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