EverQuest adds a memorial for developer Brad ‘Aradune’ McQuaid

Just the same thing but forever.

If you find yourself wandering the lands of Norrath in EverQuest, do yourself a favor and head over to East Karana. There, you may stumble across a flaming sword thrust into a stone with the inscription, “Aradune Mithara, Outrider of Karana.”

This is a new memorial added by Daybreak in response to the passing of Brad “Aradune” McQuaid back in November. The legendary EverQuest designer’s death had a great impact upon several MMO communities, so it is nice to see that there his memory will endure inside of the game he toiled to create.

MMO blog The Ancient Gaming Noob made a pilgrimage to the site, saying, “Perhaps I wept a bit, lost in thought there in a quiet corner of Norrath.  Time passed and day turned into night and back into day as I sat.  There are so many memories and his labors were great.  But now he is at rest. And he will be forever part of his creation, the land he toiled to bring to life for so many.”

Learn more about Brad McQuaid’s contributions to the MMORPG industry in our retrospective of his life and work.


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They put that in just a few days after the announcement. (even sent in a tip but nm!) Went and read and paused, and gave thanks.

Your guys brief discussion on the podcast also wasn’t enough. I think Eliot had it right when he said we don’t really know how to process these losses as a community yet, but we’ll need to learn to.