TERA’s SEA servers emigrate from Playwith to Gameforge this week


Tomorrow’s moving day for TERA players in the Southeast Asian region, as publisher Playwith is transferring its arm of the MMORPG over to Gameforge on January 7th.

According to the companies’ FAQs, the servers will return to service under Gameforge on January 9th, with the Build 88 patch. Characters will not be lost (yay!), but you’ll probably lose your toon names and guild names if you were using non-Latin characters, and the servers will be marked for English, German, and French, with one SEA server named Shen. Likewise, Gameforge is offering support only in English, German, and French, and SEA players won’t be playing in instances with EU players.

Gamers will also keep their full tally of character slots and club benefits, but premium currency won’t transfer between the publishers, so if this is you, spend that stuff ASAP, and then make sure you’ve cleaned out your mailbox and broker. You won’t need to do anything else, just sit back and wait for the server transfer to be complete.

North American PC players and console players needn’t worry this will affect them; En Masse still publishes the game here.

Source: Gameforge, Playwith, migration website. Thanks, Jack!

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Jack Pipsam

If anything it seems to indicate that TERA does very well for Gameforge if they’re willing to just take over an entirely separate region to their own.
I have heard some NA players do play on the Euro servers because they prefer how GF runs the game.