Astellia Online update brings legendary dungeons and spidery events


If you’re not diving into World of Warcraft’s new update today, Astellia Online would like to present its alternative content drop for your consideration. It’s a modest patch, focusing more on events and instances than anything else, but still it’s more for the Astellia crowd to do!

Today’s update kicks off with the next pair of legendary dungeons: the Dimensional Library Basilla and the Haveli Mansion. The game’s getting a lot more busy with a couple of fun events. The Dogavi Crescent event includes a special dungeon, while the Taking Care of Pimpi event tasks a dozen players with fighting a giant spider on behalf of a cute little kid.

Earlier this month, we reported that there may be a glimmer of hope for Astellia’s future, as the company is hiring more community managers for Europe and vowed that Nexon putting an end to publishing the game in Korea wouldn’t affect its position in the west.

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