Neverwinter previews the infernal Avernus campaign


Looks like the HELL PIT was just the beginning for Neverwinter adventurers because it’s just about time to start in on the Descent into Avernus campaign which is all about hellish misery. See, the Vallenhas family made a deal with the devil Zariel, but now the family stronghold and surrounding village are being pulled into Avernus, the first level of hell. This would be one of those “who could have seen this coming” moments if not for the fact that, again, a deal was being made with a devil. These things don’t tend to end well for the deal-makers.

Of course, it works out fine for players, as it means repeatable tasks and boons for clearing progress in the overall campaign. Players can even strike their own bargains with devils who want things to get worse for Zariel, although it’s important to note that these deals will probably include some stingers for the players along the way. (If you had missed that devils are generally untrustworthy before now, here’s your reminder.) Still, it’s the first level 80 endgame campaign, so why not just roll with it as you wander around Avernus and fight some demons, right?


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One of the most popular things about the Descent Into Avernus campaign was the entire “exploring a bizarre hellscape” aspect…

So, of course, Cryptic recycles the guild stronghold environment with a new skybox for the fourth or fifth time.