Guild Wars 2’s Lunar New Year festival is live with a new cape and player-designed guild emblems

The Lunar New Year is just a week and a half away, which means a bunch of MMOs are about to start in on another round of holiday events. As usual, Guild Wars 2 is among them, though this year, the event has been fleshed out quite a bit and brought “to parity” with some of the other big holidays in the game. The events are live as of this afternoon.

“The annual Lunar New Year festival is in full swing in Divinity’s Reach! Tyrians are celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Rat with fireworks, games, delicious Canthan food, and prizes. Check your in-game mail for an Invitation to Lunar New Year and double click the item to teleport instantly to Divinity’s Reach. Speak to Phaedra to purchase lucky envelopes, then light fireworks in the Crown Pavilion or sign up for a mount race. Finolla will transport you to the Dragon Ball Arena, and the Celestial Challenge Attendant will send you to earn the favor of the celestial animals. Complete Lunar New Year achievements to earn Fireworks Spaulders, Shining Aureate weapons, and more!”

ArenaNet’s also updated the cash shop with a bunch of new and returning items themed for the occasion, including the new Celestial Rat cape. And then for funsies, check out the 37 new player-designed guild emblems that went in with today’s update. Either way, this’ll give you something fun to do for the next two weeks as we turn our attention to Shadow in the Ice.

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Bruno Brito

So, trhey’re pulling a Valve and using aspiring artists as cheap labor.


Anton Mochalin

Or maybe they’re pulling a Digital Extremes with their TennoGen.


Guild Wars 2 Emblem Contests are great and all, but why don’t more games do what Warframe does and let any player actually design one of their own banner images and upload it to the game as a paid service?

The way Waframe does it, they check every image uploaded to them. If you try to upload something offensive or copyrighted, it doesn’t get put in the game and you’re still out the fee (that’s just the way it is, you need to actually design your own emblem and not try to sneak in offensive or copyrighted stuff or *you* are out the money, instead of it just costing them time to deal with your sneakiness). It doesn’t waste their time dealing with the whole of it all because it’s a paid service.

I guess for a game like Warframe you aren’t that worried about things not really fitting in the game world. Though at this point with all the crazy stuff they’ve put in Guild Wars 2, I don’t really think they should be that worried there either.

I really like some of those new Guild Wars 2 emblems a lot, but there still are a limited amount of images and a whole lot of guilds. Opening up a paid submission system with a clear set of rules would be beneficial. Is it too late to start doing that for this game? Maybe for Guild Wars 3? :D


So what’s so special in making stuff for a game for scraps called “partner program”? It wasn’t a contest or opened submission, they handpicked young artists to do their own work for them for basically free.

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François Verret

Yeah, what I want on my back is a set of shelves with statues.