Fallout 76 previews Wastelanders’ NPC factions and towns

So... yeah.

Delayed to 2020 as part of the disastrous Fallout First announcement, Fallout 76’s Wastelanders expansion is digging into details of what players can expect as the the content continues streaming to Bethsoft’s test server. The most recent update covers the towns of Foundation and Crater and the NPC factions you’ll be encountering there: the Settlers and Raiders.

The Settlers are characterized as a “hard-working and industrious crew, primarily made up of people who are well-versed in how to construct and run a city.” You’re gonna need these Foundation-based people for building, in other words. The Raiders, on the other hand, claim and hold their territory, and the station they call Crater, by force. Naturally, you’ll be working up your reputation with these groups too.

As for the PTS?

“Earlier this week, we invited over 500 current Fallout 76 players to join us in a Private Test Server (PTS) to play test new content and hunt for bugs in our upcoming Wastelanders update. In the few short days that the PTS has been live, we’ve already begun receiving fantastic and in-depth feedback, as well as new bug reports to investigate. As we’ve mentioned before, our testing needs will likely grow, and we are looking to expand on the current pool of play testers. We are planning to send an additional round of invites to the Wastelanders PTS within the next couple of weeks, and we will let you know as soon as we have more details to share.”

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