Black Desert Mobile brings Nouver to the world as the newest boss

weird dog

Ah, world bosses. Why do we have to bother them, again? Black Desert Mobile is encouraging players at level 55 and above to take on Nouver, the newest world boss that drops all sorts of shiny loot for players who slay him. But is he really doing anything so bad? Do you really need to kill him? Do you really want to hurt him? Oh… wait, you do, he drops lots of shiny loot. Oh, well. Time to kill Nouver anyway during his two-hour vulnerable window.

The latest patch also unlocks the Cron Castle Underwater Cave, which is filled with higher-level enemies and also features (you guessed it) shiny loot for players to collect. Players can also forge Mystical items with the blacksmith at camp, meaning that all of your work on getting shiny loot rewards you with even shinier loot. Everything must die and the loot must be as shiny as possible! It’s at least consistent.

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