Crowfall offers a two-hour tutorial on digging up graves and practical necromancy

Isn't it necromantic?

If you’ve ever longed for the option to look on your crafting interface and see the option to assemble a higher quality arm for reanimation in an MMO, Crowfall has you covered with its necromancy skill. But if you want to see how that works and how necromantic arts can actually help you craft high-quality vessels rather than just being an obvious source of humor, you’re going to want to watch this lengthy video walkthrough just below courtesy of community member Anhrez.

Anhrez gets an official spotlight as a guest streamer as he walks through both the concepts of crafting in Crowfall and the practical realities of digging up graves, assembling the best body parts you can find, and restoring them to vitality before being used as a vessel. It’s not exactly a light watch – the video is nearly two hours long – but it should give you everything you need to know in order to be a truly skillful necromancer in the game.

Update 2/18: ArtCraft let us know that it’s pulled the video for now because of negative feedback over its length, but edited versions are on the way. We’ll update with them when they are live. Sorry for the confusion!
Update 2/28: ArtCraft has the new video up now!

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Dro Gul

Just a tease. Like the whole Super-Patch carrot they’ve been dangling for months


Finally something about this game that interests me.

“Video has been removed”

Tee Parsley

Yeah, the necromantic crafter is still a strong draw for me. Too bad about the video….

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