Star Wars Galaxies Legends celebrates four years online, teases next year’s goodies


Happy fourth birthday, Star Wars Galaxies Legends! The most popular NGE rogue server for SWG has been marking its fourth anniversary with a new collection for players to earn. While the double experience on everything bonus is over, the rest of the party continues through March 13th. Players will want to head to Anchorhead on Tatooine and locate the protocol droid named HPY-4YR to get started on the new collection and earn a special anniversary hologram. Finally, there are anniversary gift dispensers in the cities of Narmle Rori, Theed, Naboo, and Mos Eisley.

Players will also want to check out the team’s livestream, since the player devs dropped some teasers for next year’s milestone fifth year anniversary, including the pic below, which depicts the foundation of what’s be a unique anniversary event in 2021.


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Adam Taylor

How do I get in on this? I’ve been told about SWG so many times but thought they closed all servers down?

Toy Clown

The double experience and token event was too short! But I made fantastic headway on getting a pet leveled and to BFF. Also did a couple of GCW invasions to get double tokens, which I promptly turned around and got the entertainer props. I figured the lime green props would work well with the Spring Cantina Crawl on the 21st. So excite!


I’ve been playing it for a while for the first time in my life, great MMO. My first MMO was Vanilla WoW and since then I haven’t found anything remotely deep and intriguing and SWG:L is actually the only think that provokes the same feelings and emotions in me as Vanilla WoW did back in the day.