Final Fantasy XIV posts the third of its documentaries on the creation of Shadowbringers


The video documentaries about the making of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers roll on, and this particular installment is all about character art and outfit design. That covers everything from the looks of the Viera and the Hrothgar to NPC outfits and the gear you wear over the course of the game. So it’s almost definitely something you think about, even if you might not realize just how far the role of design can stretch.

For example, the design of Ryne is discussed in some depth. While she’s a younger character and should look childlike and innocent based on her role in the story, she’s also a Rogue and meant to be capable in combat, which meant designing her an outfit that both communicates cuteness and innocence along with capability. The video also talks about why NPC outfits are not designed with glamour capability in mind, designing faces and racial silhouettes, armor details, and more. If you’re into the matter of looks, it’s well worth a watch; just be sure to turn captions on if you don’t speak Japanese.

Source: YouTube

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