H1Z1’s seventh season goes live on PS4 and brings back the classic Z2 map


Ready for a new season of doing things in H1Z1? That’s good because season seven is officially live on console, bringing with it a bunch of rewards and the return of the classic Pleasant Valley Z2 map for solo, duo, and fives matches.

Just what sort of rewards are waiting in the battle pass for season seven? Connor over at MMO Fallout has offered up a breakdown: In his estimation, this season brings rewards that are slightly better than Season 6’s but still underwhelming. The free track offers up five lootboxes, 50 Crowns, and an Urban Camo skin for the Razorback pickup, while the $5 battle pass will net players an Urban Commando Ghillie Suit, nine Razorback skins, 21 lootboxes, nine XP boosts, and 475 Crowns, which should be noted as just shy of getting the next season’s battle pass for free, assuming the next battle pass is also 500 Crowns.

It’s all a bit rankling as battle pass monetization schemes go, so caveat emptor in that regard. Of course, if all one cares about is just playing the game, then that’s still something you can do for another season, obviously. It’s better than the PC alternative.


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