RuneScape offers more Archaeology details and confirms the return of the Yak Track


Oh man, I almost got away with not seeing the gaggle of RuneScape updates, but then Bree gave me the puppy dog eyes and I started to falter, and then she was all “Do it or no burritos for you” and I really love burritos. So here we go!

There’s yet another video about the upcoming Archaeology skill, this time with a lore-centered look at the different dig sites that will be scattered around Gielinor. Just like the last time, this one has an informational center wrapped around a thin “humor” shell, but try to stick it out in the embed at the bottom of this story and you’ll likely get some fascinating tidbits about these new locations.

RuneScape’s weekly digest has the usual collection of details one would expect such as the weekly patch notes, Pink Skirts events, and livestream details, but it also has confirmed that the Yak Track will be making a return between Monday, March 23rd, and Friday, May 3rd.

Finally, Old School RuneScape has alerted players that its March newsletter should be arriving soon, but it also warns about phishing attempts that are out there as well. Don’t take the bait!


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