EVE Online talks quality-of-life, a Clear Skies marathon, and reduced moon mining materials


EVE Online is once more bursting at the seams with new things to talk about, with a new episode of EVE Pulse online, a planned streamed marathon of the Clear Skies machinima films for your viewing pleasure, and some striking changes to moon mineral distribution.

First, the not-so-fluffy news: CCP Games decided to thin out the vast majority of basic ores and basic materials from moon mining operations this past Friday. Moon extraction operations that were underway before the change will yield their promised materials, but after that, every moon with the exception of certain ore types on R4 moons will be effectively starved of basic rocks.

On the much fluffier side of things, EVE Pulse is back with a recap of the Loyalty to Lowsec update and its features, a talk with Mike Azariah, the head of the player-run Operation: Magic School Bus initiative that grants fresh arrivals with fitted ships and some tips on getting started, and a summary of the Twitch vs. EVE event among other updates.

Finally, CCP Games will be hosting a marathon livestream of the popular Clear Skies series of machinima films featuring live commentary from series creator Ian Chisholm. That broadcast starts today: Sunday, March 29th, at 3:30 p.m. EDT on CCP’s Twitch channel.

sources: official site (1 via TAGN, 2), YouTube

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Hopefully, their new Korean overlords will make them realize they have a gold mine right at their feet – and all they have to do to pick it up is just release exactly the same game (albeit on a surface instead of “3D” space) with expendable humans instead of expendable tin cans (“spaceships”). They even have (had) character creator and some animations ready for it, released 9 years ago.

Or maybe Pearl Abyss will be smart enough to release a game with BDO quality of characters / animations and EVE progression scheme.