Take a fresh tour of Population Zero’s planet Kepler and biomes

Pop Zero, the zero-calorie pop


Leaving planet Earth right now doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, although life on Kepler might be even tougher. This is the location for Population Zero, the upcoming survival MMO from Moscow-based Enplex Games, and it’s going to be a blast to explore.

If you don’t die horribly along the way, that is.

Enplex put out a new video this week showing the range of biomes that adventurers will encounter on Kepler, from deep canyons to dense jungles. There promises to be some mysteries, too: “The remains of ancient goliaths, the fragments of colonists’ spaceship and mysterious artifacts hold the planet’s secrets and valuable resources.”

Population Zero is barreling toward a May 5th release on Steam. It’ll cost you $30 to buy into the experience, although founder’s packs are going as high as $80. Massively OP previously put out an interview with the makers about the launch and design philosophy that is required reading for this semester.

Source: YouTube, press release
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