Blade and Soul hammers out a Steel Uprising patch


You know what would go down really nice right about now? A huge, hefty MMO content update. Or a shamrock milkshake from McDonald’s. But we’ll take the content update if it is all that is available.

Blade & Soul is getting ready to push out Steel Uprising next week on April 22nd. The patch is centered around a 12-player Steelbreaker raid, but also includes new legendary equipment, easier acquisition of lower-tier gear, a bunch of additional gear, and an overhaul of the honing oil system.

There’s plenty for the casual player, too. NCsoft is rolling out a pair of events, Springtime Training and an Awakened Raid: “Collect Springtime Stars from completing daily and weekly challenges, and fishing for angler’s pearls, then exchange them at the Dragon Express for fresh spring costumes and upgrade materials. In the Awakened Raid event, earn even more rewards for completing weekly challenges and clearing certain raids as well as increased chance to earn cosmetic items from these raids.”

This patch comes less than a month after the Forgotten Souls update. Say what you will about Blade & Soul, but this game knows how to keep the content train running.


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