Aion launches its next chapter, Shadows Over Balaurea, on May 27 for North America

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Your time in Balaurea inĀ Aion is changing in the game’s NA version on May 27th. The game’s next chapter is bringing some big changes to zones like Inggison, Silentara Canyon, and Gelkmaros, with Lakrum and Demaha being moved to the Battlefield servers. Players will also be able to take part in siege battles once again at Vogaltem Citadel, the Temple of Scales, the Crimson Temple, and Altar Avarice; this is in addition to new instances like the Chaotic Vale and the Altar of Ascension.

Players will also be exploring new game systems with the Renown system, unlocking new merchants and even portals to other zones by increasing the Renown level. There are also gemstones, runestones, new transformations, and new gear and weapons to be found. You’ll be able to take a tour through all of this when the patch goes live on May 27th, but for now, just check out the trailer below to get yourself appropriately psyched up.

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