PSA: But seriously, don’t buy vampirism cures in the Elder Scrolls Online cash shop


The Elder Scrolls Online Reddit community has been ablaze this week over a recent in-game promotion in the cash shop that appeared to encourage players to buy the Vampire and Werewolf cure potions from the crown store, without any clear notice that this is a feature easily and cheaply purchased in-game. MMO players will recall that Vampires and Werewolves are getting a thorough revamp with Greymoor in just a couple of weeks, making this the sort of promotion that will catch attention indeed and could easily mislead new and returning players.

One heavily upvoted comment spells out the problem. “[I]t is NOT clear to players that either the Vampire/Werewolf bites or the cures can be acquired in-game, and these are things that are deeply connected to your build,” Redditor BuildingAirships explains. “The cure isn’t even a convenience, because it’s so damn easy to travel to a temple and get cured for a few hundred gold. These particular Crown Store items don’t milk rich and lazy players, they trick everyday players into paying real money for an important thing they can essentially acquire for free. To promote it just before Greymoor, when changes to Vampirism may necessitate a cure, is even worse.”

On the other hand, some players have defended ZeniMax, pointing out that information about cures is easily found with a basic Google search and arguing that the cure’s inclusion in the cash shop constitutes a “stupid tax” which helps fund the game.

Either way, let this serve as a solid reminder not only to not buy these cures in the shop but also to Google everything in every MMO before you drop real money on it – because game companies don’t necessarily have disclosure at the top of their priority list.

The promo for the potions isn’t still in the feature slider in-game as of this morning when we checked, but it is still in the cash shop for a whopping 800 crowns.

Source: Reddit. Thanks, Gammawaves!

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I recently was trying to finally beat 1 expac of this game( never managed to do it I get half way through what ever the newest one is then end up quitting). I decided to get vamp from the store for my build but my character was so ugly I ended up just quitting lol. They need to allow people to switch the vamp look off or have it only appear at night or something.


Man I just realized that Vampires suck for Tanks, unless you’re running the Alcast Colossus Build I guess; so screw my Dragon Knight I’ll be the Edgiest of Necromancer Edge Lords!


They literally monetized everything in that game.. vamp bits like 15 bucks traveling merchant or banker? 50 dollars ….skill resets for real money when it’s like a few thousand gold for 150 points in game…and etc …..craziness. PSO 2 probably blushing right now after finding out they aren’t the biggest piece of garbage on the market anymore.

Gabriel Pecina

Umm doesn’t it tell you once you have the curse if you want to get cured to visit the shrine….I’m pretty sure I remember that.

Fenrir Wolf

I think ESO is suffering more than ZeniMax is willing to admit. They never could figure out who their core demographic was, this lead to some fairly mad flip-flopping around until they jumped the shark with Wrathstone.

I can just imagine the corporate board meeting behind that one…

“Look, we need money. What can we do that’ll give us a shot in the arm… of money?”
“Elsweyr. They’ve been banging on about that for years.”
“Yes, good! They do like the cats. Right. That’s a start.”
“Dragons! Every Skyrim player just loved fighting dragons!”
“Dragons in Elsweyr? But I don’t think players really enjoyed being swamped by hundreds of derpy dr—”
“Dragons, excellent! What else?”
“Okay… I have one. It’s legendary. Are you ready? NECROMANCERS!”
“Oh my God!”
“We couldn’t implement that well though, I mean redguards alone wo—”
“Shut up, nerd. Okay. So necromancers and dragons and cats in the desert! What about the next expansion?”
“Skyrim II!”

Hardcore shark jumping.

Bruno Brito

Maybe. Or maybe it’s just their way of making money ( which isn’t a good one to be sure ).

But i do think the game is suffering quite a bit, counting their godawful performance issues.


I can understand the people, that say: “Well it is a tax for being stupid” and the people, that say, that is mean behaviour and the wrong thing to do.

For each side just the short conclusion:

1. If you don’t know that there is a vamp or wolf cure ingame, than it is a bit your fault. The game doesn’t have much complexity regarding on skillsystems and such. vamp and werewolf are the only ones that are really a bit special. So you will encounter it quite fast. There are tons of ways to get information about it. You can use guids, ask other players, or google it directly. So if you are to lazy for that. It is a bit your fault. If you deny that, I am sorry…

2. Nevertheless it is quite a bit mean to call the people “stupid” if they didn’t know the facts about werewolf and vamp in this game from the start. I mean, nobody can know everything right from the start in larger games. And if you like to be a vamp in this game quite from the start, you maybe get this cashshop “goodie”. It is a bit of their own fault maybe. But it is quite understandable to be upset about the price for that easy attainable cure. So the wording of “stupid tax” is quite harsh and has to be rethought!

Alex Snow

Guys, that cure was in a Crown Store FOR YEARS. Slowpokes.


I know right? What a useless fuzz about it.
EVERYONE, that plays the game a bit will know, that there has to be a cure ingame somewhere! Especially if you get the “buff” of wolf or vamp like it is supposed to be though playing the game!

And if you where to lazy to get the “infection” of wolf or vamp on the normal way, you might as well be to lazy to cure it normal. Thats the part, where you can use this from the shop.

(I won’t discuss, that the prices in the shop are to high in general. Yeah that is obivious. But to dicuss this at things, that you can get ingame easy, has again several flaws… So just stop it all here.)

Alex Snow

I mean, why everyone noticed that just now?


They noticed it before. But I guess it is the combination of:
1. the next expantion and the heavy emphasis of the “system” in this.
2. the special advertising event right befor it.

In the time before nobody cared much about it, easy as that. Guys who play the game knows all about vamp and werewolfs fast. So they don’t bother with it. It is just the “new” players that make the fuzz now combined with a part of the ones of the playerbase, that don’t like the cashshop anyways. (There is good reason not to like the monetization model of ESO, I give you that for sure!)

Ben Griggs
Ben Griggs

Agreed, this complaint comes up every time these go on sale.

Alexus Yanova

I can’t believe people defend this behavior. This is not about having a convenience, this is about greed of developer. If developer was not greedy – they would add an explanation to the item that player can obtain it for free in game at specific area. There is no logical reason to not add this description if the item can be found for free other than Zenimax trying to give false impression that player can only buy it using Crown currency.

It does not even matter if someone will admit that they were baited into buying it, it does not change the reason why Zenimax did not add proper description and it is good that this was upvoted because this might potentially help others to not spend Crowns on it.

Ben Stone

It is pretty disrespectful to their players. Not exactly the best way to promote brand loyalty, I imagine any new player caught out by this would be pretty jaded.

Toy Clown

ESO is particularly tricky like that, and one of the things I detest about how that game conducts cash shop practices.