Torchlight 3’s Legendarium lets you use legendary item effects across your account without equipping the item

Duck duck cast.

There’s nothing worse than getting a cool Legendary in Torchlight 3 that you cannot use because it’s a lower-level item and thus not terribly worthwhile. You have to choose between the potential playstyle-defining ability and, you know… stats. But when the Legendarium is introduced to the game, you won’t need to make that choice any more, as the system allows you to retain the powers of these items without using the item itself, a phenomenon scientists refer to as having your cake whilst also eating that cake.

Players will need to disenchant these legendary items to retain their powers, but once the power is unlocked it’s accessible across your account. You have access to three different slots, allowing you to pile on three separate powers that don’t need to be tied to a specific item. The net result is another chance to fine-tune your playstyle and change your mechanics while still keeping up with new, powerful drops. Check out the full walkthrough ahead of the feature going live in the test client. (And possibly be annoyed at still not being able to get in to the test client.)

Source: Steam

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Castagere Shaikura

I know it’s in beta but the combat is so clunky still.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

So, Kanai’s Cube?

David Blair

I was thinking that too. Account-wide Kanai’s cube without the three categories restriction. I like Assassins Creed Odyssey’s method of if you find a legendary, you can then map that ability to a different item. Still throttles you to only being able to have as many abilities as you have item slots, but gives more diversity in mix and match of abilities…


Horadric Cube?