The third chapter for EVE Online’s Invasion is officially live


EVE Online has been teasing that its next update would have lasting effects on New Eden, and now players will finally begin the process of putting that to the proof. Chapter 3 of Invasion has officially gone live.

The update’s announcement page touts the main overarching conflict that previously heralded the update’s arrival, with some details on the overarching conflict that sees players side with the Triglavians and EDENCOM. The announcement also once again touts how players choosing each side will “have a direct impact on how the story develops.”

The patch notes for the update (naturally) tell the complete tale, with information on tiericide revisions for armor hardeners, armor repair units, shield hardeners, and shield boosters, as well as complete notes on structure gameplay changes. There are a whole lot of revisions with this update, so Capsuleers would do well to read up.

source: official site (1, 2)
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