Elder Scrolls Online’s Greymoor chapter sends players back to Skyrim today


The Dark Heart of Skyrim is reaching is zenith today with the launch of Greymoor in Elder Scrolls Online. Originally announced in January, the chapter suffered a brief pandemic delay, and there’s been a bit of a scuffle over physical edition codes and megaserver issues (rumor is everyone was granted access to the new zone by accident), but when the servers are live, players will be trekking into Skyrim once again.

As we’ve tirelessly covered, Greymoor introduces the new Western Skyrim zone and its underground Blackreach map, the main storyline tying into the year-long plot, the 12-person Kyne’s Aegis raid, much-needed love for Vampires, and the wide-ranging explorer-centric Antiquities system. Today’s release is on PC, of course, with the console launches set for June 9th. Patch notes for PC are up, including the free 6.0.5 update that runs alongside the paid content.

“Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v6.0.5 and our next Chapter: Greymoor! Explore the icy mountains and wild forests of the Nords as you venture forth into Western Skyrim. The land is harsh and unforgiving, much like many of its people and its lords. High King Svargim welcomes you to the capital city of Solitude gruffly, but you’ll have the opportunity to earn the respect of the Jarls and the swordthanes of Western Skyrim—if you survive.

In addition to climbing over the frozen peaks of Western Skyrim, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into its darkest ruins and greatest secrets. Find the hidden entrances to legendary Blackreach, the subterranean realm beneath the lands of Tamriel and explore the darkling caves and forgotten ruins deep below Western Skyrim’s surface. Two wildly different lands, stacked one on top of the other, each threatening … and threatened.

But there is more to Greymoor than defeating evil! Try your hand at our brand new Antiquities system to unearth a ton of legendary relics scattered throughout Tamriel. Between furnishings, Mythic items, a mount, and even siege weapons, there truly is something for everyone. If battle is more your thing, get together with your strongest allies to take on Kyne’s Aegis, our newest 12-player Trial.

Greymoor also features 10 new item sets (including Perfected versions only found in the Veteran Kyne’s Aegis Trial), and of course new Collectibles, Dyes, and Titles. Exploring Blackreach also uncovers new crafting ingredients!

Update 26, which is a free update as part of the base game, includes several other additions and features as well. First, Vampires have received significant changes this update, with a focus on improving the entire experience as a Vampire. If you currently play a Vampire, don’t worry: any experience required for progressing the Skill Line itself has not changed, and you will keep your current ranks. Update 26 also brings several optimizations to both the server and client to improve game performance. You’ll also find several updates to Imperial City, and the addition of Precision Editing Mode for housing enthusiasts.”

Stuck at work? Waiting for the download? Watching Twitter for news on when the servers are back up? You’ll want to take a peek at our Tamriel Infinium column, which has previewed Antiquities, the new areas, and the vampire overhaul, as well as posted a guide to preparation. The intro is a treat for veteran Elder Scrolls fans too.

So the update hasn’t gone well: There’s been extended maintenance for the better part of the day for EU players, while NA players are pretty much stuck in queues into this evening.

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