The Elder Scrolls Online announces Greymoor chapter, Harrowstorm DLC, and Dark Heart of Skyrim

Greymoor launches May 18 for PC, with preorders already live


As this afternoon’s community event in Vegas, ZeniMax Online Studios formally announced the latest year-long theme for The Elder Scrolls Online, The Dark Heart of Skyrim. Yes, the same one teased in the trailer a few weeks ago, but now we have details!

Like the Year of the Dragon in 2019, this year’s story arc will revolve around a singular premise, specifically the looming threat of vampires in the Skyrim province. The adventure will once again be told through quarterly updates, the first two of which now have names: Harrowstorm is up first as the game’s next DLC, while the “gothic and gritty” Greymoor is the large chapter coming in May. Let’s dive in to explore everything we learned!


Greymoor, Elder Scrolls fans might recall, is an abandoned fort in the single-player Skyrim title, but the significance of this location in the ESO timeframe (900 years before that game) is unclear. The chapter opens up the snowy region of Western Skyrim, with iconic Elder Scrolls locations like Solitude and Blackreach. The story in Greymoor begins with the mysterious storms discovered in the Harrowstorm DLC (we’ll get to that next) and eventually leads to a vampiric threat that must be confronted. ZeniMax is calling the chapter one of its “darkest” to date and says we can expect about 30 hours of content for our money.

Fan-favorite half-Nord/half-giantess Lyris Titanborn – once again voiced by Jennifer Hale – returns to aid adventurers through this new snowy region. Lyris’ return marks the third member of the original five companions to make a re-appearance since the conclusion of the main story, joining Abnur Tharn and Sai Sahan. Only antagonist Mannimarco and the mysterious prophet remain unaccounted for.

Greymoor boasts a new collection system called antiquities. This system will lead players around new and old ESO locations in search of relics that unlock various rewards such as gear, mementos, and furnishings. Essentially, these mechanics will encourage players to explore the vast landscape made available to everybody who owns the game.

A new 12-player trial called Kyne’s Ages will also launch with Greymoor, as will a re-working (re-VAMPING?) of the vampire skill line, the latter of which will be available to all players via the quality-of-life improvement update. Plus ZeniMax is teasing new world events called Harrowstones.

Serious TES fans might remember last year’s curious decision to not include a physical edition of the Elsweyr chapter. Fear not, collectors of fine statues, as this year sees the return of the physical collector’s edition, which includes various goodies such as a steel box, a map of Western Skyrim, replica coins from various provinces, and yes, a sweet-looking statue of a vampire lord. In fact, preorders are already live.

Also worth noting is that this chapter will once again be playable by existing accounts and brand-new characters, meaning everyone can jump in without grind or preamble.

“New players can jump right into The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor and start a character in an updated tutorial and starter area in Western Skyrim, without needing to play previous ESO content. Since the original base game is included with The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, new players also have access to hundreds of hours of additional adventures throughout Tamriel. New players get immediate access to the base game, Elsweyr, Summerset, and Morrowind Chapters, with any Greymoor full game pre-purchase.”

Greymoor will be available for PC/Mac players on May 18th and for console players on June 2nd.

Harrowstorm and the other DLC

The first-quarter update, arriving much sooner – in February – is called Harrowstorm and will contain two new dungeons: Icereach and Unhallowed Grave. Icereach will have players investigating mysterious storms in the Sea of Ghosts, while Unhallowed Grave takes place in a, well, unhallowed grave. We don’t have a lot of additional info on this DLC beyond the fact that it’ll begin the Dark Heart of Skyrim content and “lead directly into the Greymoor Chapter” alongside a “free prologue quest.” We can expect it on the PTS, at least, next week on Monday, January 20th.

Likewise, ZOS gave scant details about the third quarter dungeon update and fourth quarter story update, apart from a tease about The Reach, but no doubt this late-year content will eventually wrap up the Dark Heart of Skyrim.

Disclosure: In accordance with Massively OP’s ethics policy, we must disclose that ZeniMax paid for our writer’s travel to and accommodation at the Elder Scrolls Online event. The studio has neither requested nor been granted any control or influence over our coverage of the event.

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I hear you, but its a case of if it aint broke dont fix it. The 4 pieces of content per year cadence works for them so I dont see that changing. In terms of the story and quest lore, I think that is fine. I see their problems stemming more from the technical aspects of creating an appropriate sense of danger and an engaging post level progression model.

Fix those and all of sudden the new content sounds interesting.


ESO has potential, but the issue I have with it is lack of build diversity and challenge. You are either Stam or Mag and thats it. Play anything else and you are not “viable”

Then after a general CP level the overland content becomes so easy it dilutes the impact of doing a quest. There is no danger and just rolling over content is boring.

I also have an issue with its combat, specifically the concept of animation cancelling being a feature instead of a bug.

I know they are looking at the CP/power creep problem – but I havent heard when that will be fixed, meaning releasing any new content will be unplayable for me until the above are addressed in some manner.

Outside of that ESO is a great game I wish I could love to play.

Bruno Brito

Guess, I’m a defective consumer.

You do sound like one.

Wendigo Runner

I’m not a big ESO fan and not really a fan of either Zeni or Bethesda, but this has me interested. Vampires and Skyrim, I look forward to seeing how this turns out and to seeing the vampire changes.

Kickstarter Donor

Just a heads-up for UK players. The Physical Collector’s Edition of Greymoor is being sold as previously through Game and can be pre-ordered at £119.99 online or in-store with no deposit and payment taken up to 7 days before release. It is not eligible for international shipping outside the UK. Full details already on the Game site.

Oleg Chebeneev

I wish they worked on lighting in interiors.
Of all things this bothers me the most in TESO. They just need to add real tracing support.

Also will there be Solitude city in TESO? Would be interesting to compare it to Skyrim’s

Matthäus Wey

Really? Of all things I think the interior lightning is by far the best. The outdoor light keeps ruining the experience for me xd.

Oleg Chebeneev

Ya. Lighting in most buildings is complete and utter garbage, not even remotely trying to be realistic. Its too bright, shadows are random and light sources dont work likey they should.

It is clear by looking at screenshots in article

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Yeah, Solitude was specifically mentioned! They did say on the stream something along the lines of, not every shack is exactly the same as in Skyrim, but that just makes sense – these stories are 900 years apart.

Kickstarter Donor

As an aside and just to clarify it isn’t available for Pre-Order it is available for Pre-Purchase.
The difference being the first takes your order now but only charges you on release, whereas the latter takes your order and charges you for it in lieu of release then and there. This is available for Pre-Purchase not Pre-Order they are going to take your money NOW have no doubts (may vary with vendor, but definitely going to be the case with official site, steam, and PSN and Xbox) lol

I am looking forward to it, I love the Skyrim region, i love the Nords and I love all Vampire/Werewolf related stuff so its a pure win Chapter expansion for me :) I am Pre-Purchased!


Watched the stream as it was not on too late for UK peeps. Pretty hyped for this.

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Alex Willis


(also: hi fam!)


Did they reach the bat pet stretch goal?

And if so is it only for viewers or all players?