Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Maiden’s Rhapsody collaboration

For you it's all in a day.

Well, here’s a blast from the past for Final Fantasy XIV players. Also, Final Fantasy XI players, and especially players of both, because the Maiden’s Rhapsody is returning to FFXIV on May 28th. That’s the special collaborative questline in FFXIV in which players run into the starring figure for FFXI’s Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, Iroha. And when you clear the quests, you get to dress up as her! Which might be a bit weird, in context.

The downside is that players who have already gone through these quests will find nothing new to uncover, as the rewards and event remains identical. However, those who haven’t finished the quests before or weren’t around for prior incarnations will have a chance to pick up unique glamour gear during its run until Monday, June 22nd. So if you’ve longed for another shot at a unique outfit – or a first one – your chance is coming around starting on Thursday.


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Toy Clown

I’ve been wanting the outfit on an alt that I turned into a main, so I’m excited for this and… crying because I can’t get a sub for awhile. But I see the event ends June 22nd, so that’s plenty of time to get more gaming money together.

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Ryan Allgood

Yesssss. I missed this the first time but I love that outfit. Glad I can finally get it.

Plus I’ve been playing XI as well, so it’s nice to get her set since I really like her as a character.


If only they added an Orchestrion roll for the FFXI battle theme.

Vincent Clark

Yes, yes…the Rhapsody event is coming back, but the real news today…


Toy Clown