Camelot Unchained works on bug squashing in preparation for its RvR scenario test


The month of May has seen the shoes of Camelot Unchained’s developers coated in bug guts. The weekly Top Tenish report details a variety of bug fixes in service to the game’s upcoming 24/3 RvR scenario test, including fixes for ability bar customization and pathfinding among a variety of other updates. On the subject of the RvR scenario, the update reads that it’s fully playable and ready for testing.

“Initial tests have gone very well, with no major problems such as server crashes reported. While stability has been good though, performance could be better, so a lot of focus has been centered around identifying and fixing issues with some of the newest art that were causing the game to run less optimally than intended. As these fixes get ironed out and we start our next round of testing, we would like as many players as possible to show up and see how the game feels in a real large scale battle.”

The game’s latest newsletter also compiles a load of work that’s been done for the RvR scenario, with a look at some of the map’s vistas, craftable barricades and traps, and some looks at the different factional Keep Lords among other things. Mark Jacobs has also had another livestream from his porch (sunroom?) which can be found below.

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