Legends of Aria kicks off Season 2 with an emphasis on digging

Dig dig dig dig dig.

The second season of time-limited content forĀ Legends of Aria has started up, and the game is digging itself a hole. Wait, no, that’s not quite right; it’s encouragingĀ players to dig holes. Lots of holes, looking for buried treasure that they just might find! But they also just might find burrowing monsters who might try to gobble them up. Good news for people who just like finding things buried, but possibly mixed news for those fond of treasure and no so much monster-eating.

Of course, even if you’d prefer not being devoured by buried monsters, the fact that this season offers two time-limited masks for players to earn as well as special statues should help motivate the good old-fashioned hole-digging. The announcement also assures fans that the game’s next major patch release is on track for later this month, so you’ve got something to look forward to other than just digging all the holes. (But you can still dig lots of holes.)

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