WRUP: Like a wombat edition

WRUP: Like a wombat edition

Work getting you down? Why not handle it… like a wombat? Relationship not going super great? Have you considered fixing it… like a wombat? Dishes piling up in the sink? Why don’t you fix it… like a wombat? Taxes got you down? Why not evade them… like a wombat? Ghosts swearing vengeance upon your family? Why not consume them with a wiggly nose… like a wombat?

Too many ants in your kitchen? Not enough ants? Not enough kitchen? Not enough holes? Wombat! The wombat method will fix everything. All you have to do is follow our patented seven-step program in which you learn the secret art of the wombat, which is conveniently available by shipping you an actual angry, ornery wombat! Send some combination of currency to What Are You Playing to begin solving all your problems through these ill-defined techniques. Or pooping in squares.

Bonus question: If cost of maintenance, piloting skill, and legality were not overriding factors, what would be your preferred mode of transportation?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Animal Crossing is gonna happen. I’ve been working on a maze I can let people into and grab stuff before kicking them all (mostly for fun, especially newer players). And some Pokemon Go thanks to the Galar event.

I’m going with elephant! I’m adding dealing with poop to the maintenance cost (you didn’t say monetary cost) and assuming the piloting skills waiver allows me do it humanely without the bullhook. I can make good travel time, always see traffic, easily off-road, park anywhere (adding this to the maintenance fee), and have a brilliant pet that can roam the neighborhood without me worrying about it getting hit by a car (also adding any potential damage it does to that maintenance fee). It has to be male though, since I don’t want it running away if someone else is driving a male. Hmm, but what to name it? Massive Mo?

Andy McAdams: My gaming has been so scattered lately I’m not sure. I’ll probably dabble a little bit more in Guild Wars 2 a little bit more, but as I play mostly solo a lot of the content in Path of Fire is constantly skirting that line into consistently-too-challenging that I can’t relax while playing. It’s not as bad as Heart of Thorns, but still a far cry from the style of playing in the old world. I like challenge, but I also like to be able to play without a tiny margin of error determining whether whether I succeed or die. I have (to my own consternation) gone back to World of Warcraft for the moment. I unlocked Vulpera after about a week of playing, and the low/mid-level dungeoning experiencing in WoW is still a lot of fun. I wish max level dungeons were something more than a chaotic, silent mad dash where the slightest mistake gets you insta-kicked. But that’s the selfish nature of WoW at max level, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

Bonus Question: I’m going to go with with a hoverboard or hoverbike. Something small and nimble. Probably the bike because it would naturally have more storage than a board. If we are talking real, uh, I guess I might have to go with pony too.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Star Wars Galaxies Legends for me – I’ve neglected it a lot this week since I’ve been, uh, distracted. I’ve got The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor queued up too and I really need to get in there.

Superjump! It’s always superjump. Wait, does it have to be real? Horsies!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I decided to take a journey through my Steam backlog and realized that Doom 64 was there and that it’s extremely fun, so that’s likely to be a feature. On the more MMO/multiplayer side of things, there are some RP events happening this weekend in Final Fantasy XIV and continued slow progress through Monster Hunter World. I would have really liked to have added Star Citizen to the mix, but my computer suddenly can’t handle running the bloody game even though it was doing just fine about a month ago. Frustrating.

Wings. Just give me wings.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Eh… killing time in FFXIV, after a fashion, and otherwise… I’m not actually sure right now. I’m a bit between stuff at the moment. Although I have a thing or two I should be playing for other purposes, so I should… like… do that.

Give me the Zephyr One from Agents of SHIELD, please. A giant plane with sleeping quarters, advanced tech, a car bay, insane speeds, cloaking tech, an armory, rocket-deployed containers… I don’t even need most of this stuff and I still want it.

Tyler Edwards: The developers of an upcoming real time tactics game called Nordic Warriors gave me a copy of the game to review, so that’s going to be my focus. Nordic Warriors is inspired by Bungie’s Myth franchise from the 90s, which I absolutely loved, and there really aren’t any other games like this these days. I’m excited. I also have a D&D game on Sunday, and I may or may not get in a little more Elsweyr in TESO.

Bonus question: Riding bear.

Pierre, patron: I’m having a wonderful time in Final Fantasy XI. It’s really my favorite MMO of all time, and I’m quite amazed to see a lot of people are still playing. Through MOP you’re probably well aware of the frequent updates of this MMO, officially in maintenance mode. Who would have believed that such an old MMO with a quite large subscription fee will still be so active nowadays? I’m really surprised and also really glad that it’s doing so well. I had a very busy week at work (again) and couldn’t play a lot, but I will try to continue my NG+ playthrough of The Last of Us; I’m so hyped for the impending launch of the sequel. Destiny will complete this gaming program for the weekend. As you can notice, my nostalgia driven trip is far from being over.

Bonus question: A chopper would be my preferred mode of transportation for short trips, and a private jet for longer trips. Of course, I would pilot them myself. But I’ll probably have to ask for a substantial raise before that, I’m not sure my boss will be okay with it. And you my fellow MOP readers, WRUP this weekend? I’m curious….

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!

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These are the times that try our souls, Heh. Yeah, I modernized the phrase a little bit. I don’t think Thomas Pain would mind. Ironic that this is the phrase that comes to my mind, no?

But I appreciate MOP more these days as a shelter from the storm. I do my best to stay well informed, and I like controversy when there is good debate and something to be learned. But like others I can only watch so much and hear so much from our news outlets on current events. And hearing from certain corners of the political diaspora makes me sick to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong, the importance of what is going on is not lost on me. And the fact that it is happening and has to happen is obvious. But it is also a source of anger and disappointment which I don’t want that dominating my life.

Enter MOP. I love lurking and participating. Video games are my outlet and a damn good one these days.

Fallout 76 continues to dominate my down time. And I find that a bit ironic as well. What do I do when I want to avoid reality and turmoil? I dive into a world of nuclear devastation and destruction. LOL! Only in America.

ESO is back on my rotation too, but I’m so into Fallout 76 at the moment that I haven’t played through Greymoor yet.

Next week? I’ve been away from BnS for too long. And, I want to catch up o the story beats at least. No promises, as I have failed in my promise to return sooner rather than later.


The pigtails are glad to hear you’re coming back to Lyn & Soul. <3


Leveling up a horde character in WoW Classic. Never was a horde guy, but i figured i’ve seen everything that the alliance offers – what are stories like on the horde side? The shaman feels good, plays smooth, and so far it’s fun.

Also – C&C Remaster! I literally could not get the smile off my face during the entire “installation” process.

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Jack Pipsam

Wombats, or at least their burrows are very cool.

So after the trick shared with me here last week I was able to trick the Microsoft Store into thinking I salute the stars and stripes, able to download the Phantasy Star 2 client. Thankfully I didn’t have any issues logging into the game after that, making an appropriately silly space-age anime boy, but I didn’t make it very far into the game at all really as I very quickly realised it ate up all my storage, like all of it.

So I have deleted it and decided to cleanse my PC storage, going through and actually deleting a bunch of games I would never really play. I am planning on redownloading PSO2 again though sometime this week and trying to direct the installation onto one of my other drives to give it a fair shake.
Of course it might be easier for me just to use my Xbox, trick that into thinking I’m American and downloading it on there, might save me a lot of hassle.

Otherwise not much gaming or anything. There were mass protests across cities of Australia yesterday inspired by the American ones, the Black Lives Matter movement here is about the treatment our Indigenous population by the hands of the police, a staggering number of our First Nation’s people have died by the police, one even had the same final lines of “I can’t breath.”
If it wasn’t for COVID-19 I certainly would have gone to the one in Melbourne, although I admit now a part of me wonders if I should have gone anyway, silence is violence as they say.

Bonus Question: I’d love Aquaman like powers, let me breath underwater and zip about quickly. That would be an awesome way to travel about I reckon.

Bruno Brito

Would love to play with you if this game wasn’t a complete borefest.

Toy Clown

My brain unraveled and I’ve been playing more MMOs than normal, but I clocked fewer gaming hours this week. In SWGL, my guildmates are going to run a quasi-tabletop RP adventure plot that we’ll meet up for once a week. In ESO, I’m grinding out the last Antiquity levels, and in BDO I’m trying to put together a season server character to play, which means lots of time spent in character creation!

Bonus Question: My preferred mode of transportation would be an RV. I’m in love with the idea of toting all my stuff and pets around everywhere I go. Shopping would be so easy! Breaks at work would be enjoyable! If I don’t like a neighbor, I can drive off and find another neighbor! Or no neighbor!

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I have been introduced to GeForce Now and I’ve been playing the crap out of No Mans’s Sky and completely negotiated my Animal Crossing island. Also, I may peek into my Boundless account and see what’s new or try to make some progress in the MSQ in FFXIV.

Bonus Question: Anything with a chauffeur or self driver. I don’t like driving, but Iove riding. But if I had to pick something specific, I’d pick a dragon.


Hard to really find a desire to play much right now but probably will play something between FFXIV, PSO2, Terraria, and maybe some Radiata Stories since a friend wants me to try that.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Five thousand folks showed up at the protest in the park across the street. Not a damn thing happened but a lot of cheering and huzzahs from the entirely peaceful, face covered crowd, which then streamed past us as they disassembled. No curfews this weekend.

My Time at Portia caught my attention with an update and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying socializing with NPCs and collecting Animal Feces. It’s been very relaxing.

My new gaming rig arrived earlier than expected. It’s now putting out RGB rainbows. Took all night to get all my browser settings back, Iolo and Malwarebytes installed, download Steam and point it to my external hard drives, copy over my password manager files, download Geforce driver manager, and delete all the nonsense MS files, mostly Office, that suck up CPU time and bandwidth. I’ve still got to get all my MMO short cuts up, and all the other game launchers that insist on living on the C drive downloaded. And keyboard and mouse software, and . . . somewhere in there I am going to play ESO.

Bonus question: I’ve ridden the Continental Divide on horseback, been at the crest of the mountains and looked right to see the east and left to see the west, so far above the tree line, nothing grows, just rocks and more rocks. I’ve traveled hidden streams, mountain meadows and volcanic wastelands on horseback. There’s really no better way to appreciate the world around you.

Peace to everyone. Be safe.

blah blazh

Ever since my job change a few months ago, my desire to play video games has just diminished. Or at the very least, playing on the PC has certainly diminished. As a consequence, I just have no desire to play MMOs (even on games that I really like). Last week I dusted off my PS4 and started playing games on the console. While it’s not nearly the same as playing on the PC, my desire to play games has increased. I think because my work requires me to be on the PC for 8 hours day (lot of Excel, working with databases, and small coding projects using Python) has really tired me out at the end of day. Anyway, long story short, I picked up God of War and Fallen Jedi for the PS4. So I’ll be playing those instead of PC games (and all of my MMOs are on the PC).

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Wizards Unite – Lv 35 baybee! Doing the anniversary event.
  • Magia Record – Logins. Brave Exvius – Logins. Another Eden – Logins. Magikarp Splash – So close to quitting. Blade xLord – Still playing, but missed the last story event! WOTV – Damn, I’m really losing interest here.. Sub to my Adventure – Occasional. SDS – Logins. Exos Heroes – Of about 10 chapters I’m done 4, and it might take WOTV’s place because damn that’s getting lame.
  • Guardian Tales – Still on World 7, its tough, but I’m progressing. Thank goodness the silly writing keeps me in. I’ll definitely complete all available story before I ever quit.
  • Last Cloudia – Completed the previous event through cramming grinding near the end. Advanced main story until I had a rematch with a previous boss and oh my god it destroys even my max level team.. oh wait, was that auto-battle still on? Guess I actually have to play the game. Gonna prep a while then manually try it again. Another smaller event is running but what’s more important is that I’m really starting to max out a lot of stuff. There’s apparently some secret quests that unlock whole other parts of the map so I’m doing that stuff too.
  • SWTOR – More itty bitty of Taris.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Eh, Queer Eye watch party.

Partner is still doing Animal Crossing, still might be doing FFVIII, but it is the time for Command & Conquer remastered and catching up with Starcraft II Legacy of the Void I guess!

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I’m always a little astonished by just how many games you and your partner seem to play in single week, Malcolm. You guys do sleep occasionally, yes? Sleep is good for mortals. Hmmm maybe you’re a pair of immortals? That would explain a lot! :-)

Seriously, thanks yet again for the weekly update!


Malcolm Swoboda

WU – its my walking aid, flat-out. If there was a better brand to follow for it, I’d do that instead. But there’s only like.. Pokemon, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters.. so Harry Potter it is.
Various – logins take no time. Otherwise I apop in for some 10s of minutes of something.
Guardian Tales – I’ve slowed down to less than an hour a day, much of it ‘afk’ auto-battle.
Last Cloudia – Ok this one is kind of an addiction :P. I play 3-4 times a day, ranging from afk (to point of setting auto-battles as I go around home), to manual arena fights and story etc. In all, its less than one or two hours a day.
SWTOR – Playing 1-2 times every 1-2 weeks isn’t much at all.

I’d say I’m actually spending less time actively gaming than when I was younger, capping at 2-3 hours a day instead of my late nights. I still stay up late, but its more about watching videos, reading, and falling asleep on the couch now.

For my partner he – in Covid era – is exercise and maybe some game in morning, maybe some game in lunch if there’s time and interest, and trying Animal Crossing and/or something else if there’s time in evening. That can mean steady progress in his non-grind games unlike my endless ‘progress’ in my grind games. To be clear about this week, he’s mostly about doing C&C missions right now. Juggling several titles is not his thing.

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Thanks for the clarification; I’ll be less concerned now. Can I still secretly suspect that you’re both immortal? :-)

Malcolm Swoboda

I wish! I have no fear of having such a power. Let me live past 3000, sure.

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“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”; “Who watches the watchmen?” — Juvenal, Satires (Satire VI, lines 347-348)

As things in the West hit a new boiling point, I find it’s changed my gaming habits unexpectedly.

When I’m simply overwhelmed by what’s going on, I tend to play the The Sims 4 on my PC for a temporary “brain vacation” from everything.

I’ve also re-loaded The Division 2 onto my PS4, for those times when the feeling that I’m unable to do enough in the current context gets too strong.

As cartoonishly simplified as Div2’s premise may be, those few hours spent attempting to return safety and civilization to all people inhabiting a world veering toward anarchy and toxic extremism can make me stop grinding my teeth so hard for a while. :-)

If nothing else, the fact that The Division 2 is a shooter-type game which requires a certain minimum of focus to play keeps my mind from churning on current events for a while.

The soundtrack for the upheaval? I find that MGK’s new “quarantine cover” of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name Of works for me on a visceral level right now.

You can find the song on YouTube (since the original was abruptly taken down recently), but be warned, please — the song is loud, it’s very NSFW, and if you’re of the opinion that everything our “watchmen” in government and enforcement do is beyond reproach, you will not like it, so don’t bother looking.

Now, as always, take care of yourselves and each other, please. That’s not sentiment, that’s survival.


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In the same fashion, I’ve returned to some old Atari Teenage Riot I haven’t listened to in over a decade. When an album from 1999 contains both the songs:
“The Virus Has Been Spread” and “Your Uniform Does Not Impress Me” it starts to feel perhaps a little prophetic.

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Indeed so. As a late friend of mine who was a very wise therapist/counselor used to say, “The stress, anxiety, and pain will find a way to come out — it’s better if you choose the method yourself, than have it blindside you”.

Music is a good choice, Panda. It can speak for us when we’re too tired or too raw to speak for ourselves.

Be well, stay safe!


I find that disconnecting from the news outlets and social media does wonders for one’s mental peace and tranquility. Even though some of the hard hitting events end up spilling into my hobbies occasionally, i still find that i’m much less overwhelmed since quitting “the news”.

Highly recommended!

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Hi Loopy! Always happy to see you posting, my friend!

You’re not wrong … sometimes, disconnecting is a good way to deal with these “interesting” times.

I don’t really watch the news, as such, very much — I’m not so keen on opinions and interpretations being passed off as facts in order to boost viewership.

But I do choose to watch and read certain excerpts from what’s happening through the internet — I actually do care about what’s happening right now, and where it might all end up — so it’s a bit of a push-pull, trying to find a balance between staying aware and trying not to get overwhelmed and demoralized.

Honestly, some days I find the right balance, and other days I don’t. On the bad days, I’m especially grateful for the distraction games provide.

Stay safe, Loopy, and be well. Best to you and yours, sir!