PlanetSide 2 adds new weapons and a big hecking tank to the PTS


If you call a vehicle Colossus, you’d better deliver on the promise of size. Luckily, the Colossus tank coming to PlanetSide 2 absolutely delivers; it’s a massive five-person vehicle with a pilot/main gunner seat and a seat for each of the vehicle’s four customizable turrets. As one would expect, this new beast of a vehicle is the headline for the next update and has also been the focus of this past weekend’s PTS schedule.

An obscenely sized tank isn’t the only thing in this update, of course. There’s also new Outfit Logs, Facility Modules, Merit Deployables, and weapons like the NS-66 Punisher SMG which has unique underbarrel ammunition for each class and a special edition of the NS-6 Thumper grenade launcher.

On the subject of PTS schedules, the Meltdown Alert that was scheduled for the PTS this past Sunday was postponed, but future tests could run later in the week. For now, you can look at the most recent test server patch notes as well as get a rundown of the Colossus Update preview livestream that ran a couple of weeks back.

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