Tree of Savior promises class remakes, more server stability, and more social features


The developers of Tree of Savior have outlined a general roadmap for 2020, which will focus on several different pain points of the game going forward.

The devs at IMCGames are working on a new network structure using UDP and moving to a 64bit system in order to make the game more stable. There will also be some class reworks, though the devs have yet to tie down which class will be the first to get adjusted. That said, they acknowledge that some of the game’s myriad classes are underperforming. There will also be new Arts and class balancing.

The roadmap also outlines a variety of plans to improve social elements of the game, like creating private lounges for players to gather and adding crafting, trading, and non-battle guild objectives. There will also be more in-game information to explain systems to new and returning players.

As for content, players can look forward to a new raid, a renewal of the Orsha region, more active NPCs during questing, more ways for players to get the items they want, and some new legendary items for Episode 12.

source: official site via Reddit
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