Final Fantasy XI plans for its July version update with more Odyssey content


The Final Fantasy XI team has gotten its groove back, although in this case “groove” mostly means “development cadence.” Yes, the team is back to putting out version updates like before with work-from-home and on-location work resuming normally, and that means July’s version update adds a new area for the new Odyssey battle content. This also means more equipment that can be reforged as a result, so players will have new monsters to fight and new rewards to procure from same.

Paladins are also getting a boost in abilities with this patch, with Protect spells now able to affect an area under certain circumstances (although what those circumstances are remains to be disclosed) and Reprisal becoming more powerful along the way. Check out the full breakdown on the official site, and look forward to new content in this game which does not seem to understand how “maintenance mode” is supposed to work. (In a good way.)


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