Life sim MMO Identity is ‘still being worked on’ according to forum moderators


So let’s talk about Identity, shall we? This life sim MMO has been silent for the better part of a year now, resurfacing only briefly in January with promise of continuing development and expansion of the Town Hall module while also explaining that a lack of funding has slowed progress and asking for community developer volunteers. The game has otherwise been silent on both social media, on YouTube, and in its dedicated dev blog section on the forums.

Fast forward to today and all players are getting is general silence or moderator responses promising that development is ongoing.

“The dev team took a modular approach, what has been released is the town square module, not the full game, and it has the features promised for the module. However they have changed their approach recently, instead of releasing modules they are now going to be updating the town square, expanding on its map and features.

“There is nothing illegal about this, they said way beforehand how they would approach the project and yet people expected the module to be the full game, this is not the case.

“The game is still being worked on although progress is slow ATM.”

With that said, there’s plenty of ill will among the playerbase that remains, with general consternation in the forums and some truly spicy user reviews on Steam. “Game is suppose to be about cops and robbers. At least they got the robbers part right,” reads one, while another thumbs up review states, “Game is so buggy, even my review is wrong.”

sources: Steam (1, 2), official forums

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I loved the idea of this game but I never had any faith in it’s success.

Jon Wax

I’m too busy waiting on the wild west online re re re reboot

Does not check email

Oh god I needed that laugh

Hikari Kenzaki

The Identity team never really seemed to understand what people who were excited about Identity were actually excited about. They constantly focused on showing off streams on 3D modeling or one time, they spent a good chunk of a stream going over the developer’s computer build.

I never quite figured out if it was a question of too wide a scope for the resources they had, a lack of key technical abilities, or a bit of both, but as I’ve said many times, they’re the only team I’ve ever seen make the coolest job in the world (making video games) seem boring.


Ironic that a game called “identity” had trouble figuring out what it was about..