DC Universe Online seeks player feedback on three new Artifacts arriving with the Wonderverse update


We all know that the Wonderverse update coming to DC Universe Online in August is mostly going to be about Wonder Woman but that’s not all that’s arriving with the update. There are also plans for three more additions to the Artifacts pool, and the devs are seeking player feedback.

The Artifacts in question are (unsurprisingly) Wonder Woman-themed. The Purple Healing Ray builds up five stacks of Purple Light for every healing ability used then burns them on the next Priority Heal or Group Heal skill for additional benefits; Lernaea’s Amulet deals stacking damage to grant Might for each stack and lets players release those stacks and heal for 50% of the damage taken when using a Finisher; and the Lasso of Truth makes changes to the Mesmerizing Lasso iconic ability, turning it into a tether and taunt for tank roles as well as roping in additional targets to stun and draw in.

For those who are curious about how these new Artifacts work, they’re available on the PTS right now. Just make sure you also provide that wanted feedback.


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