RuneScape introduces Player Advocacy Group-led changes, OSRS adds new Slayer content


Ah, yes, another week of RuneScape updates via the usual newsletter. Time to open it up and — what’s this? a totally new format? Well, how energizing! This will keep me awake for at least a couple of weeks!

All kidding on regularly scheduled news posts aside, this week’s updates to the MMORPG introduce a variety of tweaks led by the Ninja Team and the Player Advocacy Group (PAG), which is explained as “a group of player experts embedded in the development process for a limited time, harnessing their expertise to inform designs or decisions.” The first-ever PAG is introduced this week, as well as various tweaks to clue scrolls, vanished familiars, and adrenaline cooldowns. The patch notes tab has more information on these changes and more.

Meanwhile, in the low-poly land of Old School RuneScape, players can look forward to a new Boss Slayer Master that introduces its own separate task system, meaning players can take up normal Slayer tasks and Boss Slayer tasks at the same time. This new Slayer Master will also have its own separate points system and its own store, with rewards like boss teleport scrolls, supply drops, and divine reliquaries among them. Those rewards, by the way, are subject to player feedback.


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