Dota 2’s summer event mode, Aghanim’s Labyrinth, is a new roguelike spin on the game

This is obviously someone else's fault.

Have you ever been sitting down to play Dota 2 and found yourself saying to an empty room, “This is fun, but I really wish this were more of a roguelike game akin to the Diablo series”? If so… you shouldn’t say that, it’s weird to say these things to otherwise empty rooms. Also, you shouldn’t say it because someone will hear you, and the next thing you know you’ll have the game’s new summer event mode of Aghanim’s Labyrinth that’s exactly that.

Wait, we’re sorry, that second part is a good reason to say these things.

Yes, players will be able to team up with four other players to click through a dungeon, earning wildly unbalanced new powers from scepter shards, taking on enormous bosses, and generally hunting your way through monster-filled chambers in ever-escalating challenges. Participants can also earn points on their Battle Passes (if owned) and compete in leaderboards for special items if you do well enough. So get in there and start earning yourself some rewards for this event mode, and maybe start murmuring in your empty room that you really wish the game was actually a side-scrolling platformer just to see what happens.


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Matthäus Wey

They did a really good job on this one. It’s incredibly fun when you play with your friends. It’s pretty hard, too.