Torchlight III shows off developer pets, early access gifts, and a list of issues being addressed

Duck duck cast.

The devs of Torchlight III have kicked out yet another state of the game post, and this one is a bit of a mixed bag. It opens off with a gallery of images from the devs that shows off “the pets, plants, and people who influence and support development less… directly.” Yes, it’s fluff, but it’s also a gallery of adorable animals and pretty plants, so it’s hard to get mad at.

There’s more to this post than just images, of course. It also offers a look at a couple of cosmetic items that early access adopters will be getting in a future update, including a unique banner and a cosmetic form of the Reliquary, since that Fort placeable will no longer be used for storing Relics.

The update also offers several lists consisting of open issues that the devs are looking to tackle next and just what actions are being taken to address those issues, a lengthy list of fixes that the next large update will address, and some patch fixes that have been recently applied. That next major update, by the way, is due to land this Tuesday, July 21st.

source: Steam

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If only the animals and plants had sacrificed a little bit more maybe the corporate behemoth backed project would be better.

They’re basically a self-ridiculing turkey.

Dug From The Earth

Picked up Torchlight 2 on epic games for free (couldnt remember where i owned this game before). Played it for a few hours last night..

Its amazing how much better TL2 is compared to 3. TL3 has slightly more details graphics (if you dont count that horrendous fog when zoomed out). Other than that, every aspect of 2 is more in depth, detailed, and just better.


Yeah I was completely underwhelmed with TL3. Refunded it almost immediately.