Torchlight III wants to open up its endgame tomorrow


Tomorrow is looking increasingly likely for Torchlight III’s next content update — and a big update it’ll be, at that. With Wednesday’s patch, the game will officially open up its endgame system, a repeatable instance known as Fazeer’s Dun’djnn Challenge.

[AL:TL3]Echtra Games is putting the final touches on Fazeer to make sure that it works properly and has all of the appropriate quest items. You’ll want to approach this endgame as a preview, however, seeing as how the studio is going to wipe the game soon in order to completely revamp the relic system.

“Fazeer conjures a series of dungeons for you that escalate in difficulty, enchanted with dozens of new arduous and bewildering affixes,” Echtra said in its last state of the game post. “Fazeer is a sporting sort and will deal you a hand of challenge choices in the form of cards. From these, you can pick the monsters, elements, detrimental and beneficial affixes you will surmount. At regular intervals you must also complete a challenging boss battle to save your progress.”

Source: Steam
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