EverQuest II brings Tinkerfest around once more until August 5

Tink tink.

Do you love tinkering with the gnomes in EverQuest II? Alternately, do you absolutely hate doing that but love taking part in seasonal events with rewards? If you fall into either category, you’ll be happy with the return of Tinkerfest, starting today and running until August 5th. Stop on down at Gnomeland Security over at the Steamfont Mountains and get ready for all the tinkering you can cram into one festival.

This year’s changes chiefly revolve around changes in rewards, with a variety of new housing and personal items to enjoy as rewards for tinkering away. There are also new pets and weapons skins available in the Marketplace; players can convert the pets into housing decorations or keep them hovering along behind them, but you can’t convert them back from decorations into pets again. So it looks like it will be mostly familiar activities, but with a new plethora of mechanical rewards.

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