Aion outlines its balance update in the wake of Shadows of Balaurea

Inside of you are two... wait, I already used that joke today.

There is not a great deal of new content in the next patch for Aion in North America. There is some, of course; for example, players will have access to two new ultimate transformations (Tiamat and Ereshkigal) with associated collections. But most of what next Wednesday will bring involves changes to balance, like how every class will receive balance changes originally introduced to the game’s Korean version back in February.

Another significant change will be to the mechanics behind sieges; fortress sieges will be available less often as a result, but the availability will be increased, and the overall balance will be adjusted so that your goal is participating in a siege and emerging victorious rather than simply hopping to various sieges for minimal participation. The prestige merchant is also being adjusted in response to player feedback that rewards didn’t previously feel… well, rewarding enough for time and effort. While the patch notes aren’t available just yet, the preview of what’s coming should provide a good shape of the changes.

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