Warframe releases the Heart of Deimos for PC, Xbox, and PS4, delays Switch version to later this week


It’s time for another romp around an open world region in Warframe, and while an infested moon doesn’t really elicit visions of playful romping, there is certainly lots to do in the Heart of Deimos update and the new Cambion Drift area as outlined at the update’s hub page. That same page, by the way, has lots of details for all of the new things for Tenno to do; players can feed the Helminth to gain power, try out the new Xaku ‘frame, collect infested mods and pets, get a Necramech for use in the Drift, and try out a bunch of new weapons. And if you’re brand-spanking new to the game, the update has also introduced a new player experience.

All of these features are arriving today for PC, Xbox, and PS4 players, but Nintendo Switch players will unfortunately have to wait: The update is being delayed into later this week as a result of the certification process. “We know this is disappointing to hear, but we will be watching for the news to come in and sharing updates with you so that you can pencil in the Heart of Deimos launch in your calendars,” reads the announcement.

Timing for the new update’s arrival is not yet available at the time of this writing, but we do know it’s coming later today for most. For now, you can take a look at some sizzle-filled trailers of the Cambion Drift location and the Xaku ‘frame below. And if you’re looking to get a live look at this update, we’ll be streaming this tonight at 8:00 p.m. EDT on OPTV.

sources: press release, official site, official forums

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It’s a ~3 gig download, full patch notes at https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1216407-heart-of-deimos-update-29/

Some things which caught my eye:
– The Mastery Rank pre-requisite for the Helminth system has been almost halved as a result of dev workshop feedback, from MR15 to MR8.
– Daily standing caps have been hugely increased at lower MRs, up from 1,000 to 8,500 at MR0, with reduced gains as MR increases so MR29 only goes from 30,000 to 30,250.
– Cetus fishing spears seem to work on Deimos’ flying fish (at least the few varieties I’ve encountered so far).
– Some of the critters you tranquilise and capture on Deimos through the Conservation system can then be either adopted as combat Companions or released back into the wild for rep!
– There’s now a mod for the Oxylus sentinel which allows it to auto-scan plants the same way Helios auto-scans enemies.
– The old tutorial quest (Vor’s Prize) and the new tutorial quest (Awakening) are both in my Codex, and “Awakening” is replayable. The tutorial mission area looks good and now introduces bullet-jumping.
– Necramech weapons can also be used as Archguns.

Malcolm Swoboda

Is Vor’s Prize replayable? And as a current player, I can play Awakening?


Vor’s Prize is not replayable, only Awakening. Current players can play Awakening, it just runs you through the first tutorial mission rather than the whole “getting Orbiter segments back” questline. My guess is that they’ve split it so the first mission is Awakening and the rest of the questline is still under Vor’s Prize.

Malcolm Swoboda

Right! Man I just wanted Vor’s Prize after this long. Returning to the game, as a still newbie, is so hard compared to lots of games (save for like Destiny 2, which I won’t even bother).