World of Warcraft increases reputation gains all September – time to rep grind!


The ticker on World of Warcraft’s site is counting down to Shadowlands’ October release — 54 days and counting at this point. With the expansion coming and Patch 9.0 arriving before that, the pressure is on for players to finish up everything they want or need to do in Battle for Azeroth.

Assuming that one of your goals to wrap up involves reputation, you’re going to be in for a very good month indeed. Blizzard announced that it’s bringing back the 100% rep buff for all Legion and Battle for Azeroth content through the rest of the month.

“Whether you’re working on collecting pets or mounts, or learning to fly in Battle for Azeroth, your goals are within your reach,” the studio said. “Beginning September 1st through the month of September, players can earn bonus reputation with the Impressive Influence buff, which will increase reputation gains by 100% with Legion and all Battle for Azeroth factions including Uldum Accord and Rajani!”


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Or not.

Since I am done with LOTRO now, am back to WoW Classic for some easy mode gaming when I need a break from Warframe. :)

Dug From The Earth

While this is nice, dont forget that reputation requirements for all allied races are being removed once the pre-patch goes live.

So unless you absolutely want to play an allied race now, dont burn yourself out doing a rep grind for something that wont matter in a month