Echo of Soul is sunsetting yet again, this time on Steam, and no it’s not giving refunds

The Gamigo version lives on, but your accounts won't transfer there


We return now to the confusing story of Echo of Soul, which as we’ve previously chronicled has at least a million versions and has sunsetted them approximately half of them. The one relevant today is the version run by Blue Potion Games on Steam, which never actually launched out of early access but is apparently closing now in favor of Gamigo’s version.

“We have discussed about the directivity of Echo of Soul on Steam internally. It has come to a conclusion that it to be hard to provide stable service continually and thus, Echo of Soul on Steam service will end on December 7th, 2020. Players who want to play EOS more can create a new account at Echo of Soul through ‘Aeria Games’ after the steam service ends. Aeria Games is currently preparing various events such as new user events. Please make a new account to play EOS (North America/Europe).”

Prior to the announcement, the game ran around $10 on Steam, plus in-game microtrans. No mention of refunds was made, and it seems clear that characters and purchases won’t transfer to Gamigo either, meaning everyone who played the game through Steam is screwed. Our condolences to the players losing money and characters and time with this abrupt decision.

Gamigo does indeed still run Echo of Soul in the west, branded as both Echo of Soul Phoenix and Echo of Soul The Kingdom. This is all separate from Blue Potion Games’ EOS The Blue, which launched in South Asia earlier this summer (though BPG says EOS The Blue is the same one offered by Gamigo), and EOS The Red, a mobile spinoff not yet launched. I told you it was confusing!

Source: Steam. MOP’s Mia contributed to this report.
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