Kickstarted MMO Fractured lowers price of entry, rearranges alpha and beta schedule


Dynamight Studios’ latest dev blog has some big changes for Fractured and its fans, starting with the news that the game’s price is coming down down down.

The devs explain that the alpha has gone on longer than anticipated as the developers continue testing, which means the first beta hasn’t launched yet (and probably won’t until Q2 of next year). Since it’s late, the team has now dropped the price of the game – and access to the current phase of testing – from €90 to €50, around $60 US. Two additional Kickstarter tiers have also picked up alpha access; meanwhile, there’s a founder pack sale for everyone else. All testers should take note of the change-up in test structure, too, as the current alpha has been renamed to “fall 2020 alpha” and the upcoming beta cycles have been merged into one simpler beta phase.

“We are at a pivotal point in the development of Fractured, in which we’re able to welcome way more players in the game than we used to thanks to player cities,” Dynamight says. “We’ve estimated that our current continent, Myr, can be the home of at least 5,000 players, and could host up to 10,000 if needed. Well, let’s make the 10,000 happen!”

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