The Daily Grind: Are you planning to buy a next-gen console?

And does Xbox's Bethsoft acquisition influence that decision?


So at this point, we’ve now seen PlayStation 5 preorders go live, in a clusterfudge Sony has already apologized for, and we’ve seen Xbox Series S and X preorders go live, which in spite of shade for Sony from Microsoft still managed to be a bit of a disaster yesterday. Would-be Xbox buyers lamented queues, instant sell-outs, crashes, and scalpers, meaning that in spite of Microsoft’s intentions, FOMO-buying on the internet in 2020 sucks as much as it ever did.

While I still intend to splurge on a PS5 for my kids at some point, I have no intentions of fighting for a spot in a virtual line to get one, so needless to say, I’ve got no preorder squared away. I can’t help but wonder if this week’s revelation that Microsoft has purchased the entirety of ZeniMax and Bethsoft, ostensibly to bolster its Xbox game offerings long-term, has changed anyone’s opinion here.

Are you planning to buy a next-gen console? Did you preorder already? And did the Bethsoft buyout affect your decision-making?

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I’ve over 800 games on Steam etc, so any spare cash will go toward upgrading my PC and not buying a console. I am tempted though ;)

Malcolm Swoboda

Now: Nope.

2021: Eying them, but focusing on other tech like new laptop, phone, maybe desktop.

2022: Interested! Will see where the scene is at, but if I already get new PCs and enjoy that gaming, I might not bother. Especially since so many current or upcoming ‘exclusives’ are really just timed stuff to see hitting PC in 2021-23.

EDIT: Leaning Playstation, for SquareEnix (timed?) exclusives. The whole setup for Xbox, while I see the service angle of it, doesn’t really target my interests. My partner is always going to get the next Nintendo console and we don’t play its games enough together to need a second one, so I don’t even think about it. My history has been: (friend visit, emulated) NES/SNES, (hacked, emulated) PS1, (numerous, emulated) PS2, (numerous) XB360, with console gaming for me mostly ending in the early 2010s. Handheld has been: Gameboy Color, (borrowed) Advance and DS, and 3DS to still catch up on some owned titles before I ever get rid of it. If I’m a fan of anything, the closest is Sony, but I haven’t owned a console from them since the 2000s so…

We currently have a Switch at forefront (next to tv-connected pc), a couple 3DS, and several previous Nintendo consoles on display and storage. Funny discussion happened about getting a PS4P for FFVII Remake, but it never happened.


I’m gonna wait a year or two

Oleg Chebeneev

Not yet. But I plan to upgrade my GTX 970 with RTX 3080

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Jack Pipsam

I would have tried my best to buy an Xbox Series X, but I’m extremely lucky that I didn’t have to join the mad rush where they all sold out in under like 30 mins lol.

I won an Xbox Series X in a promotion with a brand of sport drinks here, so for as long as it doesn’t get lost in the post I should be all good to go this November for next gen with that.

Toy Clown

Once upon a time I had the thought that playing consoles would save money on computer upgrades, of which I go on a 5-7 year cycle to keep a computer current until I buy a new one. But now that there’s some hindsight to the console platform, I can see it would probably cost me just as much money to play and upgrade to new generational consoles than it would to keep upgrading my computer. So unless games I really want to play end up console-exclusive, the answer is no.


So far, no, but i need to wait and see what the games library is going to be like.

Last gen, microsoft and sony both failed to provide any games i wanted to play that were exclusive to their consoles, so i just skipped that generation. It’s looking like a similar situation this time round too

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I am yes, I will be getting a PS5 eventually, but it isn’t a priority. I may well invest in a new PC before I upgrade my console tbh so that that is one upgrade I don’t have to worry about for another 10 years more.

Krista Allen

For FFXVI, yes. Not buying a system at launch though. I guess I’ll wait and see what game would be worth buying a console half as powerful as my PC.

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Bear in mind I say this as someone who’s never had deep roots in console gaming. I grew up on the Atari 2600, but after the original NES (1987), I didn’t touch a console until getting a Wii and PS3 in the late 2000s.

I had a plan going back almost a year to upgrade our PS3 to a PS5. But after all the prices were announced I took a careful look at how my family actually uses our PS3, and thought about what console exclusives in the last generation had interested me. Most of them came out on PC after 2-5 years.

Ultimately I decided it would be cheaper and more effective to replace our aging PS3 with a Roku and a Blu-Ray player.