PWE is delaying Magic Legends’ launch to spring 2021


Back in January, PWE announced that Magic Legends, no longer an MMO, would launch for PC in 2020, with console releases to follow in 2021. Given that we’re just about in the last quarter of the year, and a whole lot has happened in the world since January, you might have wondered whether that date would hold firm.

It will not. Executive producer Steve Ricossa announced today that the game is being delayed until spring of next year. In the dev blog, he says that feedback from game’s two closed alpha phases, which reportedly looped in over 60,000 people, contributed to the decision.

“To that end, we’ve decided to shift the release of Magic: Legends to the Spring of next year to ensure we deliver the highest quality Magic experience we possibly can. This additional time allows for more Closed Alpha playtests and player feedback that will help us refine the experience even more. At the end of October, another round of players will get invites for an early look at Magic: Legends and participate in our third Closed Alpha.”

It is not entirely clear from the announcement whether the the PC launch delay will mean an additional delay for console or this means all platforms will just launch together.

There’s a bit more to the blog; Ricossa also reminds gamers of the additional regions, classes, and progression updates PWE has made along the way. “We’ve been able to adjust the game’s tutorial and onboarding experiences as well as the character progression curves, reward cadences, and more,” he says. “This has been an exciting time within the game’s development during which we’re finally able to make adjustments based upon the feedback of our growing community. While we evaluated player feedback and saw quite a bit of positivity, we also saw some opportunities to make impactful adjustments. These opportunities include improvements to the player experience, loadout options, tutorial flow, storytelling, and more, in order to do the storied Multiverse of Magic justice.”

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