‘One of the largest PvP battles ever to occur in video game history’ just happened in EVE Online


The biggest clash this week might not have been on the debate stage but rather in a video game. Over 8,806 EVE Online pilots swarmed together for “one of the largest PvP battles ever” this week, with one side seeking to take down a Death Star — er, Keepstar in FWST-8.

In this one battle alone, 5,833 ships were lost, which accounts for 1.6 trillion ISK vaporized. The engagement was the latest escalation of the months-old “World War Bee” that has been raging across the game.

If you want a blow-by-blow account of the battle that brought most computers to their knees, Imperium News live blogged the whole thing from its side.


Source: Fleetcom, Reddit. Thanks Ariadne Invictus!
Update 10/9
CCP has now confirmed the numbers for the Fury at FWST-8 battle, claiming it’s now “the largest PVP battle in video game history.” The studio says 8,825 players participated total with peak concurrency at 6,557, both of which should break its previous records, and so it’s contacting Guinness World Records to get it updated.

“On October 6th, PAPI forces attempted to establish a beachhead Keepstar in Delve, which is situated in Imperium territory. To prevent the Keepstar from being built, the Imperium fought opposing PAPI pilots from 16:00 UTC on October 6th to 06:00 UTC on October 7th (14 hours total). Within those action-packed hours, 6,746 total ships were destroyed (362 of which were capital-class), 8,825 players with 11,258 characters from 114 different alliances participated in the battle, a total of 1.443 trillion ISK (or $18,712) was lost, and ultimately, PAPI’s Keepstar was destroyed. After the dust settled, both sides flew away with successes: Imperium was able to keep PAPI from further invading its territory by destroying the Keepstar, and PAPI was able to thin Imperium’s defenses by eliminating many high-value ships.”

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