Ship of Heroes shows off a Halloween-themed peek at its mission content in new video


Sure, Ship of Heroes hasn’t technically released yet, but that doesn’t mean the game can’t get in on some of the Halloween fun! Enter the game’s latest development video, which not only revels in the spooky season but also offers a full look at how development work on mission content is coming along.

In this mission, the player character is called to Apotheosis University, where a vampiric lair has managed to merge with one of the university’s dorms. In a university that has both magical artifacts and gadgetry at its students’ disposal, this is apparently a bit more possible than that setup might suggest. Especially one that has a Mage’s Guild.

More specifically, the video condenses a 30 minute-long mission into nearly five minutes of footage, offering a look at the entire mission from beginning to end, starting with a questgiver NPC and wrapping up with a final boss fight. This does involve having the footage sped up at times, so be forewarned that things get… blippy on a visual level. Also, the character dies a lot in this solo endeavor. Blaster problems, am I right?

Just as a reminder, Ship of Heroes is readying up to run beta testing of mission arcs in a couple of months, with another Invasion event test happening beforehand. If you’re looking to see just how missions look right now, we’ve got a gallery of images from the devs and the video after the break.

source: press release
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