EverQuest II celebrates its 16th anniversary with Heroes’ Fest 2020


A very happy birthday to EverQuest II, which is celebrating 16 years of live operation this month! But the MMO doesn’t need us to make a big deal out of this fact; it’s doing so itself!

Heroes’ Fest 2020 is raging in EQII right now, bringing back the game’s anniversary event with all the style and gusto that it has to offer. The festival will continue through November 16th and adds a few new treats for this year, including a few new Overseer quests, an additional Overseer agent, and a baker’s dozen of new vendor items.

It’s a busy season for EverQuest II as the game gears up for its Reign of Shadows expansion later this year. Currently there’s a prelude storyline to experience and a level-up event to get player characters up to the cap before it launches.

Source: EverQuest II

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Adam Russell

Ive tried going back to it but it seems kind of bad now. I mean, I played it 10 some years ago and enjoyed it, but now it looks bad and combat feels kludgy. Did they do something recently to simplify graphics and mess up combat?